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忠言逆耳~黑心道场 Reject hearing Truthful Words~Evil Cult Premises

  • 黑心道场 Evil Cult Premises
  • Wednesday, December 17, 2014
    L: AA 师姐早。做义工不要到骗钱的佛堂。
    就是跟不良份子一起背黑业。不做更好。这是师尊指示, 你好好的思考。

Helping in a Evil Cult premise, is equivalent to aiding and abetting their activities and showing any visitors that this place is supported!
Therefore, Collective Karma comes into play.
If you have been helping out at certain places and your lot or fortune worsen, please leave immediately!
Don't help shoulder anyone's negative karma.

This was advice given to AA, a fellow student from HK in 2014, about 2 years before the Purple Lotus Saga or XX saga broke out! :)

Like most fellow students, AA chose to continue to help out at local chapters including the one that is currently targeted by TBS admin.

It is scary that most have Karmic Negatives that defy the saving grace of Buddha Dharma.

Remember: It is the Ignorance of Sentient beings that created Hell of temples!

With all these bathing GM Lu for 40+years, only a True Yogi or Buddha can emerge and remain Pure like the lotus flower emerging from mud but still stay clean! :)

Don't bath & immerse yourself in Sentient Mud because you have yet to Attain Immunity Level to negatives clawing at you all the time!

Remember GM Lu said that you can cultivate inside the bathroom/toilet, if there is an ambience that encourage you to cultivate within for long period of time.

Instead of going to temples to join group cultivation, GM Lu has plenty of recorded videos bringing you through the cultivation session from start to end & sweetened by a sermon from HIM too!

Your only sustenance is GM Lu's guidance!
Unless you choose one of his students to be your guru! :)


With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

观心 Beholding The Mind

IF someone is determined to reach enlightenment, what is the most essential method he can practice?
‘The most essential method, which includes all other methods, is beholding the mind.
But how can one method include all others?


If you can simply concentrate your mind’s Inner Light and behold its outer illumination, you’ll dispel the three poisons and drive away the six thieves once and for all.
And without effort gain possession of an infinite number of virtues, perfections, and doors to the truth, Seeing through the mundane and witnessing the sublime is less than an eye-blink away, Realization is now.
Why worry about grey hair?
But the true door is hidden and can’t be revealed.
I have only touched upon beholding the mind.
This is an excerpt send by fellow student to me.
The title is Grand-mistress Lian-xiang series: School Admin as Puppet.

[18/05, 00:31] Zf : 蓮香師母系列:傀儡宗委會









我們還要忍受多久-How long must we forbear

[18/05, 00:52] : 这编是垃圾! 因果是个人的选择。真正是良,又岂能被迫得变恶。不要在看天公伯了。
This page is garbage! Karma is Personal's choice. Truly Good/Righteous, then how can be force to transform into Evil. Do not read [Tian-gong-ba -Sky grandpa]!

Dear all, if you don't read Chinese, you are indeed Blessed! :)

Many students read from this forum and are avid followers!

<<13/05/2017, 01:21 ‬: 冇用啊,宗派百分之九同門都信宗委 
我們有睇天公伯 - We read [Sky-grandpa]
01:22 - lotuschef: 只是一群【无知,无明】的众生
Only a herd of [clueless, ignorant] sentient beings >>

AA: u read the latest on stage 5 samadhi?
ppl always alleged that I talk rubbish!
most don't like submitting their take on these assignments n when I grade them, they feel stupid n got angry at me n stay away from me! :)


AA: If they listen properly, maybe when they hear GM explaining 5th stage samadhi, then won't be so blur

BB: maybe it's a matter of affinity
and furthermore it's like stepping in an unknown area

AA:this is what ZF sent me early this morning

BB:so people don't like to be judged over something philosophical

AA: about Shimu n etc. n how VM of Pu-ming HK is corrupt n misappropriated 20millions, seems his wife play stock market n lost this amount
n Core going to sue this Vm shao-dong

BB:hah shao dong?

AA:天公伯 - Sky granpa - a popular forum that many read, n seems to defame core n shimu
yup. he has 2 temples

BB:yes, seems he's quite vocal

AA:anyway, he was the one that has a soaked white bread kind of sponge face

20 mio is a big amount
yes, shows off

AA: The article said that he curry shimu a lot
hahaha! bad eggs like these, continue to harm others, while good egg like me got hit at :)
O! I forgot! I am an evil egg!

BB: hehe mortal world is full on injustice and weird things
evil egg from heaven eating the bad eggs!

AA: and zf n team seems to enjoy these garbages
eat them??? No way! I don't want to have INDIGESTION!
tolong la! spare me
zf said that GM ignores all these going-ons nowadays
I understand what it is to let karma take its course. 
teach 40+ years still don't understand best leave them be lol
succour when their affinity mature

BB:he said in the recent sermon
about why people with good looks and money but are evil still exist and continue doing evil things
around that topic
but they will finally face their retribution, although not in this life time
waiting for the good karma to exhaust by itself

AA: O! seems the shao dong claimed credit for helping a HK student that were possessed. it was lotus light chang ren n students that did chanting n not shaodong (from part of another Sky grandpa article)

ya. but some get the bad part later in life lol
& I teach ppl to neutralise the matured n immature karmic negatives thru cultivation, saying sorry, and offering goodies

BB: yes. it was in the sermon
i'm grateful GM sends you to me to share precious things and details

AA: but u still lacking the 8 fold path's keys - right view, right effort, mindfulness.....

BB: yes hor 🙏
that's why what you said yesterday really struck my mind
Discipline as the Teacher
is what to be practised daily
controlling the mind is not so easy
but i don't want to make excuses hehe, xie xie for reminding me fashi
Thu, 10:48 PM

If you truly listen to GM Lu, you will also steer clear of Forums like this one!
YOU, don't have that much time to waste on reading [gossips].
What has others behaviours, be they judged as good or bad, to do with you?
BUT, from this kind of "Detailed" reporting, I do wonder how many lost souls wasted their limited lifetime concocting this piece of juicy garbage.

To even create a Serial kind of spilling "garbages", this Sky-grandpa's team is really wasting their most important resource - Life with a Human Form!

Don't read Forums like this one.
Instead read GM Lu's books repeatedly until you grasp some basic keys.
Or read "Breakthrough Sermon" over and over again, till you can truly "Open your mind"!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Thursday, May 18, 2017

第五层禅定~时与空 Stage 5 of Samadhi~Time & Space

**Assignment 3

(1) 在修行中的什么阶段 [时间]是 [精华/要]?
(2) 又在什么阶段 [时间]不是 [精华/要]?

(1) At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ?
(2) And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is not [Essence/Essential]?
In the drama, Time in the Encapsulated space or world is of No Essence and the attempt to lock in Time to counter-attack failed!

Remember that I shared the relationship of Time and Void?

This section of the drama is a good example to understand Time & Void!
 In GM Lu's recent speech, Stage 5 Samadhi is a Dimension where True Understanding of Time & Space is realised. :)

    I am attempting to spark up minds of those diligent cultivators!
Almost 3 years later, GM Lu defined Time as in Stage 5 Samadhi.

To those that still continue to slander me and alleging that I talked rubbish, high time you wake up and cultivate diligently!

I sounded warnings about those like XX, but no one choose to believe me. 
Your loss!

Not one submission for Assignment 3 can fully explain the [Time] factor bing not essential or the essence.
Too deep for most!

Of course, most have yet to pass Stage One of Samadhi!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

第五层禅定~殊胜的高王经 Stage 5 of Samadhi~The Magnificent High King Sutra

  • Entering Gao King's Avalokitesvara Sutra

    In my travels during samadhi (deep meditation), I once entered into a very wondrous realm. I actually leaped into a sutra and encountered the Samadhi-Light Tathagata. 
  • The words of the sutra got gradually bigger and bigger, and then countless number of Buddhas emerged from the sutra passages. 
  • The Samadhi-Light Tathagata was in the lead with countless Buddhas behind him. Each of them was seated on a lotus throne radiating immeasurable light. This was truly a magnificent sight.

    Chanting Gao-wang Sutra 念高王经?
  • GM Lu asked that day how many can stay focus while chanting Gao-wang sutra once?
    Well, I can do so!
    I can stay focus and continue to chant for almost 5 hours, after practicing to void out Sight & Sound!
    [I chanted Gao-wang sutra >250 times during this 5 hours.
    And it took me about 5 days to complete a 1000 rounds of this sutra.]

    AND, the sights that flash by like a video when you are deep into Gao-wang sutra is truly amazing!
    Don't believe veteran students words about the sights you see when you are chanting mantra or sutra.
    They really have yet to experience such wondrous sights!

Refer to:

9. High King Avalokiteshvara Sutra

The High King Avalokiteshvara wearing the Seven-Buddha Crown

We visualise the eight-petalled lotus, in milky white colour in our heart chakra slowly blooms, and in the centre sits the High King Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. All around the Bodhisattva within the lotus are the buddhas and bodhisattvas mentioned in this sutra.

We now have a lotus in our heart chakra filled with dazzling light like that of the stars shining brightly, and we have actually the mandala of High King Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva – that means pure land!

When you have pure land in your heart chakra, you have no more darkness, worries, sufferings, cravings, desires, angers, hatreds, aversions; and all you have are wisdom, compassion, bodhicitta for all beings.

Maintain this visualisation, and we chant High King sutra.

**If you chant more than once, you can proceed with visualising yourself enlarging gradually and merging into the Universe.


In recent speech, GM Lu shared concepts of Stage 5 Samadhi :)
Also another visuals when chanting High King Sutra!

When the words of this sutra floats up during chanting!

Remember that I advised how to stay focus to eliminate wondering mind & wild thoughts?

To calm one down, one can chant the Heart sutra and keep one's eyes or focus on the words of the sutra, chanting slowly following word by word with eyes and sound.

Same thing can be done with the High King Sutra.
Practice make perfect!
To those diligent ones out there, having the words of High King Sutra appearing as you chant is not a problem :)
And, likewise, sighting the appearance of each divine one mentioned in the sutra as you chant is also a common occurrence!

The Key is whether you have been practicing or cultivating with sincere diligence or not.

Do put in diligent efforts to learn and practice what GM Lu teaches!

You will soon realised that your wisdom level grow with each "sighting", and you are actually into Lojong or Mind training already. :)

Still, do or don't, all up to the individual!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Kokoh Bagai Pinus, Gigih Bagai Prem Cina

Dibagikan dengan anotasi oleh Lotuschef – 15 Mei 2017
Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino
Sumber: 松风梅骨 Pine's Sturdiness Plum Blossom's Perseverance

menggambarkan sifat pohon pinus hijau yang kokoh dan tetap tegak meski diterpa hujan dan angin kencang;
bagaikan bunga Prem Cina di hari yang bersalju, mekar dengan indahnya meski diterpa salju yang sangat dingin.

Apakah ini contoh dari suatu mentalitas?
Apakah contoh suri tauladan?

Ia adalah sebuah contoh mentalitas seorang pahlawan yang hebat dan tak kenal rasa takut,

Ia adalah sebuah contoh yang dikagumi semua orang, sungguh bernilai untuk dipelajari.




Bila kamu kembali mengingat kata-kata Mahaguru Lu mengenai kriteria yogi yang sejati, mereka haruslah:
Berdiri tegap bagaikan pinus, duduk bagaikan lonceng, bergerak bagaikan angin, berbaring bagaikan busur.


Kiranya kita telah mendengar terlalu banyak desas-desus dan kebohongan yang tersiar, sebegitu banyaknya sampai-sampai banyak orang menganggapnya sebagai Ancaman sehingga menciptakan [Ketakutan]!

Lembaga administratif suatu pasamuan agama Buddha bersikap “sembarangan” dalam mengajukan tuntutan hukum kepada pihak-pihak yang mereka anggap sebagai musuh, ditambah lagi dibiayai dengan dana dari para umat!

Menggunakan [hak cipta] sebagai senjata untuk melindungi materi pembabaran Dharma!

Siapa kiranya yang masih berani bersarana kepada ordo agama Buddha seperti ini?

Target terakhir dari ordo agama Buddha ini sebenarnya apa?

Satu hal yang perlu diingat adalah bahwa keberlanjutan eksistensi lembaga orang awam membutuhkan dukungan materi duniawi dari para pengikut atau pendukungnya!

Jadi bila kamu tidak mampu berbagi Buddha Dharma yang Otentik, ibaratnya sebuah rumah makan yang tak mampu memasak makanan yang layak, KAMU akan segera “bangkrut”!

Jangan “MENGELOLA” sebuah pasamuan agama Buddha layaknya organisasi komersil!

Karena pada akhirnya?
Kamu memenjarakan dirimu sendiri di Neraka Abadi selamanya!

Salam Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Monday, May 15, 2017

卡陰 Hit by Evil Spirits


To those that are Hit by evil spirits, be compassionate to them, do not segregate them and perpetuate second round of harm.


To those of you that I have helped all through these years, and those that witnessed my helping those that are dark & hit by evil spirits,
Realised from GM Lu's statements in recent speeches that Knowledge is the Key in removing fear of those that I found with dark auras and hit by evil spirits!

As a Buddha's student, we all pledged or vowed to help others!

AND, Absolute Faith in GM Lu will see you through in Offering a Helping hand.

GM Lu also said that those with heavy negatives can't reach Buddha Dharma or understand Buddha Dharma.

Your negatives will eventually catch up with you!

Remember I told you that Cultivation can help you to neutralise these negatives before they catch up with you?

And GM Lu said that your body is your Dharma boat to Pureland! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

證量 Affirmed Quantity

3 kinds of Affirmed Quantity : 
Quantity of Knowing (Understanding);
Quantity of Compared or Analysed Knowledge;
Quantity of Saintly statements - Sermons from those gurus that shared their analysis or interpretation of Buddha's teachings.

2017年5月13日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「道果」- 西雅圖雷藏寺




GM Lu is still stressing [Affirmed Quantity] and its importance.
He said that he is scolding XX because of the many that got hurt by XX's ghostly army of 5. 2 Chinese & 3 Japanese.

Of interest is that GM Lu said he made XX angry to succour her.
How many of you out there accused me of scolding, bad-mouthing, ... etc. others, especially VMs?
Don't you care about the INTENT & the actual contents of my words?

Obviously NOT!

BUT, do learn from GM Lu's statements, especially regarding to XX!

Fellow student Ya-qi, as per GM Lu, followed XX for more than 10 years.
Once, when they were out and XX sighted some dead crabs that were cooked, she pointed to one of the crabs and told Ya-qi that this one is reincarnation of her late father.
Ya-qi then bought up all the crabs, and she knelt and pray to the one XX pointed out and cried for a long time.
Then the reverends ate up all the crabs and XX then said that thanks to feeding the reverends, all these crabs were bardo delivered.

I came into frequent contact with Ya-qi when GM Lu returned to Taiwan in May 2010, during GM's rounds of all of Taiwan's chapters.
She has a fierce look and there is something in her eyes!
She also has a "hot favorite" kind of VIP stance too. :)

Sadly, when GM Lu revealed XX's problems, she turned out to be a major victim!

In 2010, when fellow student RT sent me videos of XX's speeches, I knew that XX is not telling the truth, especially about cultivation!

Dear all,
Instead of being hostile to me, if you have listened to me and believed my words, you would  have woken up in 2010, 6 years before GM Lu denounced XX!

Am I your enemy?
And, GM Lu also clarified that no one can help deliver you or bear your negative karma.
Still recall the Facebook account of Green Lotus?
He claimed that he cultivates and bore others negatives on their behalf!
Remember what I wrote then?


Don't listen to me, but do listen to GM Lu closely!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef