Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Animal Mind - Hoarding! 动物的心 - 囤积![3]

2016年8月21日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「道果」 彩虹雷藏寺

08/21/2016 Teachings of Lamdre by Grand Master Lu-Rainbow Temple

** For accuracy, please watch the Chinese Version - which is direct from GM Lu.

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Subject: Me again :)

Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 10:55 AM

Dear Fashi,
Nobody can avoid those situation. 
Even GM Lu. 
Yesterday, GM stressed out that this world is like that. 
Sometimes even we tried hard to avoid, to close our ears but it is still affected us. Sad to say. 
It very much also depends on our karma. 

By the way I want to participate for offering for my karmic enemy. 
But it is quite costly for me as I am only an elementary school teacher. 
The currency even makes it higher. 

I tried to avoid being susceptible to gossips, yet if you are very concerns or love on something, you are easily affected by that.

TBF doesn't act incorrectly all the times. 
No, no, only a few times. Lol. 

Off course you cant comparre GM Lu and TBF/ TBS. 

GM Lu is a perfect enlightened Master yet TBF consists of some archayas that have different level of enlightenment, not to mention some even below the level. 

Sometimes TBF is very much in the aspect of mundane affairs. 

But GM Lu always does from the level of celestial. 
That the different. 

You see what GM Lu did in his dharma speech yesterday. 
It was very cooling. 
He answered everything from the point of view ' higher world '

Finally we agreed on GM Lu will return TBS to Pusa. Lol!!!

By the way, we are far away from States, therefore we are being less watched or criticized by TBF. 
Otherwise everything can be troublesome like If you can see dark aura or even some astral beings. 
They will answer if it is not confirmed by GM Lu it can be ghost. 
Surely it is ghost, etc.

I want to participate to give offering for Jinmu and dakinis. Is it all right? Thanks, Fashi.

Mon, 1:25 PM
AA: that SD still argues n attempt to WIN :)
he don't know when to stop

BB: SD :)

AA: our sunshine warded for gallstones

BB: oh it's quite painful if they're left untreated

AA: i posted her chat with me.
we do charity in GM's name :)
when we don't want credit for good deeds done, we don't get the karmic repercussion! 
also using GM's name, we are dedicating offering to him, our root guru

BB: Thanks. :)

AA: remember CC told me that DD should be ok bcos she is following her to do charity!
her mindset real stubborn n she mistakenly think as long as she n whoever join her in charity work will be ok
the karmic enemies of DD is scary lol. 
without cutlivation n dedication to karmic enemies, can't get clean
CC also said she sees EE n wife shining so they must be good n don't understand also why i say their aura no good :)

the SD said he can't afford the karmic packs ....... just like YW at first

BB: :)

AA: he thinks he can't afford - means he lacks sincerity in offering!
he can cut down on something else to save the funds to do offering
OR choose one from the 84K dharma pathways
i already explained that the karmic packs only to soften up n bring them to at least listen to your apologies
no guarantee that one pack will be effective or 7 packs or more 
(** Like signs of Karmic cleansing in dreams that GM Lu has shared, there are signs that the Karmic foes are first willing to listen and then willing to forgive and let go. )

if one don't change his behaviour n habits, karmic foes won't accept their apologies at all

BB: yes hor

AA: to really void all also helps to settle the karmic foes issue. when one don't exist then no self no others, diamond sutra
GM brought this up recently

i asked XJ whether she want to sponsor printing of these incense paper.
we can print more if we hv sponsors
it also helps them do more widespread charity

BB: yes hor

AA: the tub of lotuses n incense papers that we offer to homeless, n deities is charity
so helping to fold or contribute to the contents also is a part of doing charity
we don't select who to give but leave it to GM to distribute
as to ppl like XX, they have a real long way to go

BB: yes, leave them to GM to distribute. thanks

AA: That's wat the talisman is for

BB: i will tell them to stack small by small stacks to get higher cutting accuracy

AA: Good. let's hope this printer is reliable n deliver good stuff
I just remember that SD even quoting gm as saying .. .. this morning....
poor fellow didn't realize that his level of realization determines his accuracy of understanding gm
Like things u heard previously means nothing but after learning more indepth, u can relate n understand better
He didn't know that he shouldn't ask: why tbf always... ?
His email addressed the always part only:)

Think I should play with him some more?

BB: :) you will make him be unable to sleep
but that's the way you teach people
 1:11 AM

AA: body speech mind :)
His statement showed he has no depth. only his reactions to surfaces
1:46 AM

Dear all, 
SD, as per his previous email is a new student of GM Lu.
Read both his emails and see how you can help him! :)

In being able to USE Buddha Dharma to help others solve their problems, then you are truly a Buddha's student that is diligent, sincere, and compassionate! :)

Now, why do I put SD's emails under the Title of  [Animal Mind - Hoarding!] ?

Who is hoarding as per SD?
And what are they hoarding as per SD?

What is SD also hoarding?
And why does SD thinks he needs to Hoard these?

From SD's angle, he claimed that GM Lu - 
He answered everything from the point of view ' higher world '. 
But GM Lu always does from the level of celestial. 

Think you can refer to GM Lu's speech (Links above) and find what SD is trying to say?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Monday, August 22, 2016

Offering Dedication to Jin-mu 呈供给金母

Above:这次金母庆生法会,一共有5个主祈。AA 是其中的一个。
For this event in celebration of Jin-mu's birthday, there are a total of 5 main sponsors/dedicators. One of them is AA.

Above & Below: See how gorgeous the fire is when sponsor's offering of stupa-tray of offering is offered!!!

22/08/2016, 12:54 -
AA: Luckily I do the jinmu health 
If not more misfortune fall on me lol  
Last nite admitted to A&E due to gall stones pain 
So CT scan n saw rocks drop into bile duct n need do scope to remove 
If u didn't ask me sponsor jinmu, I think will b worse 

Lotuschef : Hehe. gao wang jing n zhen fo Jing  
Jin mu can help u remove the stones too. 
keep chanting Jin mu mantra n visualise she reaches into your body shine light at your gall bladder n liver then take out the stones 

AA: Ok 
I hv nothing to do anyway except lie on bed with drip n wait for 6.30pm scope. Will chant 

Lotuschef : U can do offering to Jin mu anytime. 
just specify which one you choose n for purpose of health or overall wellness 

AA: Ok 

Lotuschef : U still Hv many hours so do as much as u can. 

AA: :)

Lotuschef : When u help old folks or anyone by shining light on them, u must remember their karmic enemies are watching. 
therefore, I advised u all to give to all beings n not single out anyone or group that u can see only 
taking on karma of others is scary cos it's invisible 

AA: Ok 

Lotuschef : whatever u do just chant guru's mantra as u carry out your daily routine. N you keep shining like a light bulb with GM in your heart chakra as the light source. so nothing to do with you. gm is sharing light blessing with all beings n thru you, a walking light bulb only. 

AA: Ok

Lotuschef : U didn't understand what I was telling you about doing charity

GM Lu stressed many times the Importance of Offering!

Also this is a crucial part of your first step into cultivation, the Resource Path! 

Let Go!

Thats the mindset to adopt when you are cultivating.

You seize to exist and just carrying out the necessary to help all beings as an instrument or magic wand, directed by your root guru or your principle yidam and dharmapala.

So Guru yoga, yidam yoga, dharmapala yoga, is what you need most.

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Animal Mind - Hoarding! 动物的心 - 囤积![2]

                                                大力明王 Mahabala




Email From SD:-
How are you, Fashi? 
Recently I heard there was a new conflict between TBF with one of the Vajra Archaya regarding Mahabala's colour. 

It is so sad to read the news about that. 

Why TBF always do such thing. 

You always advice just to obey GM. It is true indeed. 
For a new comer like me it is confusing, really. 
Luckily I always remember your word. 
Listen to GM.

The mundane pattern of religion is like that, especially those people that are given authority on behalf of religion. 
They play the role of God. 

But through this situation, I could see which is fake and which is genuine.

Perhaps if GM is no longer in this svha world, GM should return Zhen Fo Zhong to the celestial world :(

Now, Origin  of Dispute?
Someone wants to win & in winning, equates to Getting Praises; Adulation; Recognition: Fame: or in summary - Merits!

The Hoarding syndrome of Animal Minds!

Why did I underlined text in the above email? :)

Nobody paid attention to GM Lu's speeches recently on All colours together then White & take away any one colour then become Black!

Buddha Dharma has these keys - No Differentiation; No segregation; .... All are one and One Represents All! 

SD, writer of the above email, is also susceptible to "gossips" --- [I heard]?
Then judgmental :
 [ It is so sad to read the news about that.  - Origin of this news?
Why TBF always do such thing.   - So TBF is alleged to always act incorrectly?
GM should return Zhen Fo Zhong to the celestial world :(  ]
- Upon his retirement, GM Lu has said that he will return TBS to Fo pusa! 

Hehe! So, SD has also started to "Play god", agree?

And, did SD really heed my advice and "Listen to GM"?

My advice to all has always been " Listen only to your one & only root guru" 
and, for me: Root Guru is GM Lu! 

GM Lu already stressed Impermanence & Yidams can appear in any form too! 

Or, they can transform to situational requirement! :)

When you are pointing a finger at someone, do remember the rest of your fingers are pointing towards yourself! 

Think: No record Karma!

Do not attempt to pronounce or suggest that Your Root Guru act as you dictate! 

The Fate of TBS? 

Firstly, ask yourself - What sort of existence is TBS to you?
Then -  Do you need this TBS existence critically?

GM Lu recently said that TBS now, not too sound!
Remember where you heard GM Lu say this? :)

Heard GM Lu saying that those that is within a certain distance from LA Event, and have no valid reason for being absent from LA's event has breached major discipline of disrespect of Guru and nullified Lineage?

Do you know that breaching this major discipline will result in being "drop" into Vajra Hell?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Saturday, August 20, 2016

20-8-2016 Celebrating Jin-mu's Birthday - Dana & Special Dedication 4

The recipients of the these offerings were very satisfied and showed glad acceptance by sweeping by me, saying "Thank you!"

Thats why I started clicking my camera capturing the smoke figurines! :)

It should be happy faces you see in the smoke!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

20-8-2016 Celebrating Jin-mu's Birthday - Dana & Special Dedication 3

I took lots of photos of the smoke, have a good look and see what you can find in them! :)
These are the Ancestors offering packs! 
Have fun! 

20-8-2016 Celebrating Jin-mu's Birthday - Dana & Special Dedication 2